Friday, June 22, 2012

Fire and Water

Here is some new stuff I've created for Ironbelly and Bitfiction respectively. The top is a concept for the Water Column Room while the bottom two show the progress of an environment I've been trying to perfect showing the sabotage/attack/something of the main character's home village. Thought I'd go for something quite industrial. And I've just noticed that the images in the progress image are in the wrong order, argh!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Self-Portrait & BitFiction

Here's my first proper go at a self-portrait, thanks to my mate George Lovesy for the awesome skin texture brushes. Also I have to mention the new studio that me and Mr. Lovesy have just set up together! We're calling it BitFiction Studios and we're currently working towards creating some early assets for our primarily art-based graphic novel that we've decided to make. We'll hopefully have a deviantART group and maybe a blog up soon so everyone can keep up to date on all our goings on. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Character Sketch & Neon Compound

Decided to finally give some character design ago with a little help from some guidelines and some body references. Hopefully if I can keep doing them I'll get better as the time goes on. Also took one of the concepts from below further in the piece above and created a sci-fi-ish snow compound area. I love using neon signs as light.

Collab and Speed-Paint Video

Recently started working on a collaboration project that I'm really pleased to be doing with a mate of mine from deviantART. We're hoping to create an almost graphic novel style book of images, characters and vehicles loosely based around a fantasy setting. Can't wait to really get some real work down for it and throw it out to the public.

I've also created my first speed-paint tutorial video showing the quick process of creating one of my more painterly pieces. It's not great but I hope it shows ya'll how I got about making my images. Gonna be making another soon that based much more around the use of photo images and textures. Stay tuned!